About Me ...

I am a software engineer currently working remotely, from Nepal, as a Backend engineer for a startup overseas. I'm pretty comfortable with NodeJS but recently my interest has shifted to the Go programming language.

Besides developing software, I am also interested in making them secure and finding security vulnerabilities in web applications. I have helped secure numerous organizations including Harvard University, Cambridge University, Topcoder, Mastercard, Etsy, American Airlines, Comcast, Adobe, Ford, Logitech, ...

In my free time, I play Chess - in particular Speed Chess. I find speed chess much more entertaining than any other format of chess because of how much of a rush the whole game is and all the hilarious blunders I and my opponent make.

I love playing guitar but certainly nowhere near as much as I used to. My friend, whose name I don't wanna mention, but his name is Hillihang, lost my electric guitar and since then I've transitioned into playing an acoustic guitar.

I'm also a massive ArsenalFC fan. If there's an Arsenal game, you bet I'm watching it.

I occasionally run, but nowhere near as much as I would like to.